Welcome to BRJ CDN

BRJ hosts hundreds of publicly available assets through a global Internet network that ensures the rapid distribution of content around the world.

How does content distribution work?

All published content is stored in a cloud storage on Vercel, from where it is regularly distributed to all public web servers. Worldwide distribution is provided by the Vercel and Cloudflare infrastructure, which provides long-distance optical links and connections to local operators around the world. The required content will always be delivered to you from the nearest data center in your location. The main data center is located in the Czech Republic in Prague (Central Europe).

How much does CDN use cost?

Use of the BRJ CDN has always been, is, and will be free for all users. We do not limit data transfers or the number of requests. Some requests may be cached.

Who is the network for?

The CDN network is designed to ensure the stable operation of all BRJ services. The CDN was built to ensure fast distribution of static content to all users, no matter where they are physically located. The network was built with the global growth of the Internet in mind. Only clients of any of the services can add new files for distribution.